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Fat man slim
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This positively ancient former bootneck, (the one who sent you this link), suffering from knackered knees and neck, has over the years gained a few pounds, as many of us do.  To kick off 2017, 10kg/1.5 stones will be coming off in order to return to the svelte figure he cannot remember, but photos show once existed.

BUT…. there is more, this once svelte bootneck was, some 10-12 years ago (mid 40’s), rowing 2k in under 7.5 minutes most days of the week.  The plan is not to go too silly, but get down to 2k in under 8 minutes.

How long will this take, I hear you ask??? Well, the target is 6 months as the knackered body needs time to adjust to the increased levels of pain!  It would be great if you could spur me on to these dual targets with a little donation to Rock 2 Recovery.  Every pound lost and every pound donated means more veterans can benefit from their transformational coaching. 

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Help Fat Man Slim

  • Current £25.00
  • Target £500.00
  • Backers 3
  • January 2017


    Weight: Over!
    Row Distance:  2KM
    Best Time: 8:49.2

  • Mid Jan


    Weight: minus 7lbs!
    Row Distance: 2Km
    Best Time: 8:40.4

  • February 2017


    Weight: 14lb off
    Row Distance:  2Km
    Best Time: 8:28.1

  • March 2017


    Weight: ???
    Row Distance:  2Km
    Best Time: ??? 

  • April 2017


    Weight: ???
    Row Distance:  2Km
    Best Time: ???