How We Help

Inspiring the fight against stress in our armed forces, veterans and their families

Rock2Recovery seeks out distressed veterans proactively, and affected family members, within our community through many lines of communication including social media and word of mouth.

We provide one to one coaching that is specific to the requirements of the individual. Coaching is flexible and whatever works for that person. We work at their pace and support them for as long as is necessary. Everyone is initially advised and directed to clinical and medical support to ensure the best health care for them is established.

“Rethink your thinking”

We Provide

Coaching Sessions

We help the individual find their “rock”. This is the rock in their lives that will motivate, inspire and encourage them to refocus positively. Scientific evidence shows that music, active adventure and water pursuits will trigger the human brain to assist with positive change and self recovery. We have developed close working relationships with many other organisations and charities to support individuals.

Events and Workshops

Rock 2 Recovery takes part in many workshops on PTSD and you may find these study periods at Edinburgh Napier University very useful to watch – particularly if you are thinking to find help.

In addition, there are many fundraising events and special events that you may be interested in. Please visit to find out more.


We offer a friendly helpline and are always here to talk to if you’re feeling down. All calls are handled by our highly trained staff, many of which have experienced mental health issues after leaving the forces themselves.

Peer Support

Many of our clients are too shy to ask for help from their peers. If you would like to help provide extra support to our clients with friendship then please do contact us on

Need Help? We’re Here.

Accessing support is not a sign of weakness and we encourage anyone who requires immediate support to do so.