What Happens Next?

Phase 1. GET HELP - Specialist Change Management Coaching

Rock 2 Recovery proactively seeks out distressed veterans, and affected family members, within our community through many lines of communication including social media presence and word of mouth.

We provide one to one coaching that is specific to the requirements of the individual. Coaching is flexible and ‘whatever works’ for that person, we work at their pace, and support them for as long as is necessary. Everyone is initially advised and directed to clinical and medical support to ensure the best healthcare for them is established.

‘Rethinking your thinking’

Phase 2. HELP YOURSELF - Special Recovery Projects

We help the individual find their ‘rock’. This is the rock in their lives that will motivate, inspire and encourage them to positively refocus. Scientific evidence shows us that music, active-adventure and water pursuits will best trigger the human brain to assist with positive change and self-recovery. We develop close working relationships with many other supporting organisations and charities to help you.

‘Amazing things will happen in the company of amazing people’