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Inspiring the fight against stress in our armed forces, veterans and their families

We are always pleased to welcome you to help us in any way you can:

If you want to help us raise money then please visit the Team Fortitude website where a dedicated team raise funds for Rock2Recovery to support our vital work.

If you want to get involved with welfare and/or coaching then please email us on support@rock2recovery.co.uk

How We Raise Funding

Over the last two years Rock2Recovery has benefited from 4 main sources of funding:

Organisational Support with funding from:

  • The Royal Marines Charity
  • The Royal British Legion Jersey
  • Royal Marines Support Network


Over 4000 donations have been made to date, directly to Rock2Recovery both online or offline, either as one off or monthly payments, ranging from a few pounds to comfortably over a thousand; in total over £100,000 has been donated this way.


A huge number of supporters have come up with all sorts of challenges, cake sales and mad cap ideas raising over £100,000

Merchandise (Coming Soon)

A variety of Rock2Recovery merchandise will be purchased and will be made available soon! Watch this space.

Overall we could not have done this without your help, support and generosity. There are people alive today because of it.


Fundraising to date

Over the last two years Rock 2 Recovery has been blessed with the support of many amazing fundraisers, especially the amazing Team Fortitude.

Future Fundraising

Supporters looking to undertake fundraisers for us are asked to contact Team Fortitude, you can go to the Team Fortitude website by clicking on the button below.

Visit Team Fortitude

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