You can raise funds with ROCK2RECOVERY by joining our very own legends at TEAM FORTITUDE. The team has 30 members and raised a massive £30,000 for supporting our veterans in 2016. They are ALWAYS recruiting for new members, and are striving to make sure 2017 is EVEN MORE successful.

Shop with R2R

Laura & Sabrina run TEAM FORTITUDE, they will help you join the team and help you to select the TEAM FORTITUDE events that work for you. Joining TEAM FORTITUDE has been transformational for many team members, building new friendships and changing their lives as well as raising essential funding for ROCK2RECOVERY. Please click on the TEAM FORTITUDE banner above for more details.

Stu Morton Row

Stu Morton is a former Royal Marines Commando and in January 2018 he’ll be rowing the Atlantic solo from Portugal to Venezuela raising money for the JWF and R2R. Both charities focus on helping people with Mental Health Conditions.
You can donate to Stu efforts by clicking on the ATLANTIC SOLO STU banner above.


You can also raise funds with ROCK2RECOVERY independently. You can contact us about becoming an independent fundraiser like Stu by clicking on the ROCK2RECOVERY banner and we’ll come back to you with how you can get STARTED helping our veterans.