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    Watch out for any out-of-character changes such as:

    • ‘Changes in thinking’
      Ceasing to care, hopelessness, personal loathing, excessive negativity or suicidal thoughts.
    • ‘Changes of mood’
      Downbeat, terror and sleeplessness, irritability, jumpiness and hypersensitivity, anger or rage, experience flash backs and recollections.
    • ‘Changes in behaviour’
      Becoming isolated or withdrawn, changes in personal hygiene, increased drinking or substance abuse, confusion.

    If you recognise some or all of the symptoms above in yourself or in family members and friends, it is time to STOP, reduce stress and accept that there could be a problem.

    “I was so confused at times and everything seemed difficult. The simplest of things required so much more thought and focus that I thought I was going mad. I would easily fill up on stress throughout the day and they were actually simple things. I know it was time to STOP and get some help, my memory was terrible and I was so worn out with it all”

    – Jamie, former Royal Marine Sergeant

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    A problem shared is a problem halved as they say. Talking with fellow Servicemen and Veterans about your experiences, feelings and emotions will allow you to begin to come to terms with what has happened in your experiences. All too often the TALK will allow you to realise that you are not alone in how you are feeling. Talking will also allow others to be more aware and be best prepared to keep an eye on you. So TALK about how you feel. You’re not alone! It is OK to not feel OK!!

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    If talking about your Military experiences has helped you and your loved ones accept that you may need some assistance in overcoming how you feel, then it is time to ACT. It is time to make the call to your Doctor and then other organisations that can provide you with the coaching you may need. Do not let it get worse with time. ACT sooner rather than later. Help may also be required for those people around you so ask for, and accept, help because change is always possible.

    The best indicator may come from those around you!
    Stand tall and make the call!!

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    You will find that with professional help and with time, the real you remains beneath your Injury. The strength of mind that you had at the start of your Military career, still burns within. You must first ensure that you are receiving treatment that works for you! Then with time and small steps you must RE-FOCUS. Inspire yourself and others with creative and adventurous challenges. Re awaken the positive, driven, ambitious and courageous YOU that LIVES within. Challenge yourself!!

    “Standing on the top of Mt Kilimanjaro at dawn was not something i achieved physically, it was only possible because of mental strength due to the altitude. Everything i was told was broken was still alive” – Jamie , former Royal Marine Sergeant.

    Inspire yourself and others with new, creative and adventurous challenges, set goals and join in with life. A brain injury does not mean you give up, a brain injury means you train the brain to conquer.

“Amazing things will happen in the company of amazing people.”


Jamie (the founder of Rock 2 Recovery) has recently been in the local press discussing his battles with PTSD/PTSI.


If you would like to find out more about the signs and symptoms of PTSD/PTSI. Please visit the NHS website.


If you would like to find out more, please visit our home page. Rock 2 Recovery is building a community of veterans.