Over the last two years Rock 2 Recovery has benefited from 4 main sources of funding:

  • Organisational Support with funding from:
    • The Royal Marines Charity
    • The Royal British Legion Jersey
    • Commando 999
  • Donations
    • Over 400 donations have been made to date, directly to Rock 2 Recovery both online or offline, either as one off or monthly payments, ranging from a few pounds to comfortably over a thousand; in total over £10,000 has been donated this way.  You can click this link to Support Rock to Recovery now.
  • Fundraising (see below)
    • A huge number of supporters have come up with all sorts of challenges, cake sales and mad cap ideas raising over £40,000
  • Merchandise
    • A variety of Rock 2 Recovery merchandise has been purchased to support us in helping our community and can be seen on the shop page.

Overall we could not have done this without your help, support and generosity.  There are people alive today because of it. Indeed so generous have you been that, with regret, we have had to register for VAT, which is why the site has had to be rebuilt to account for it.  VAT only applies to merchandise and we have been able to keep our prices the same.

Fundraising to date

Over the last two years Rock 2 Recovery has been blessed with the support of many amazing fundraisers, especially the amazing Team Fortitude. During the website refresh we have been unable to migrate cost effectively all the details of those supporters and their donors, but the list and their efforts are listed here.

  • Raised £ 4,350 in memory of Robbie Napier

  • Raised £ 2,437 doing #KILL22 Press-up challenge with a difference

  • Raised £ 380 doing the Corsica Adventure Race as Team XXX!

  • Raised £ 65 Walking round the Isle of Wight – 106 KM

  • Raised £ 555 doing The Lake District 10 Peaks Challenge…

  • Raised £ 315 doing the Fastnet Race

  • Clare and Co raised £20 during the Conti 24 Hour Thunder Run 23/24 July

  • Raised £ 110 Rowing for Rock 2 Recovery

  • raised £25 running a 6K Nuclear Race in May

  • Raised £ 277 running the Marrakesh 1/2 Marathon

  • raise £1663 running the Lycian Way Ultra Marathon

  • Dutchy raised £600 raffling a limited edition print of his Spean Bridge painting.

  • Uline raised £566 climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

  • Raised £350 auctioning one of his paintings – with more to follow shortly

  • Laura and Sabrina led their team(s) to raise some £30,000 in 2016

  • There are many others, unnamed, we would like to add – apologies if you feel we have missed you out!

Future Fundraising

Supporters looking to undertake fundraisers for us are asked to complete this short form and one of the fundraising team will be in touch, (as a general rule this is preferred to phoning the office).


  • Very helpful in getting in touch, if email goes to spam!
  • What are you planning on doing to raise funds?
  • How much do you think you will raise?